Assure Ton Sport, leader de l’assurance sportive

Assure Ton Sport, leader in sports insurance

Amateurs or professionals, the risks and consequences in the event of a fall are strictly the same ,” declared Mathias Bellino, double Enduro World Champion, a few months after his serious accident. And to continue: “If you are also aware of this, I invite you to go to the Assure Ton Sport website, an insurance company which has developed specific contracts for us athletes,”

I have been looking for a solution for a while to be insured when I ride a motorcycle ,” emphasizes Adrien Van Beveren, three-time winner of the Enduropale du Touquet and 5th in the 2023 Dakar. Before continuing: “ And I I found Assure Ton Sport , a specialized company that meets this need. Think about it so you can ride with peace of mind .”

The consequences of a sporting accident are sometimes dramatic, and more so during motorized sport (Assure Ton Sport talks about it in its article dedicated to electric motorcycles ): disability, physical and psychological after-effects, incapacity for work, etc. Trauma that can lead to heavy financial losses, an adaptation of his daily life and his home. More generally, it is his whole future that is turned upside down and the way others see him is different.

You would have understood it. In this new article, our team addresses a subject that is omnipresent in every individual's sporting practice: insurance in the event of an accident. And to support the words of these athletes, we went to meet this famous company. An article published on their blog explains why it is important, even essential, to be insured during your physical and sporting activity. Click here to read the article.


He is one of those enthusiasts who let themselves be carried away by their ideas, their inspiration and their thirst for entrepreneurship. A former motocross rider converted to insurance, Rodolphe Le Claire was keen to provide a real response to the major problem encountered by athletes, club presidents and event organizers: how to be well insured in the event of an accident during your sports activity ?

Limits to know

If Social Security, supplementary health insurance or other types of individual insurance reimburse daily medical expenses, expenses caused by an accident and/or injury during the practice of an extreme sport, called "at risk", are not not covered by these organizations. Indeed, be aware that the State does not cover the search for and intervention of emergency services in the mountains or at sea. If medical assistance is deployed during free sports practice in the wilderness, you will have to pay in part or all costs incurred. This is where Assure Ton Sport comes in.

Specific insurance

Because health comes first, the individual accident contract designed by Assure Ton Sport covers nearly 400 sporting disciplines, all over the world, with assistance available 24/7. Medical transport, repatriation, legal protection, disability capital, medical and rehabilitation costs, search and rescue… their guarantees have been designed for sports leisure activities.

For your serenity

On land, at sea or in the air, Assure Ton Sport offers you complete solutions adapted to all types of physical and sporting activity: regular training, free/recreational leisure, competitions, professional practice.

At Assure Ton Sport, we aspire to ensure that every athlete can pursue their passion with complete peace of mind. This is why we also insure people with reduced mobility (disabled sports) and have put in place daily hospital allowance packages to guarantee optimal service, ” underlines Rodolphe Le Claire, founder. We invite you to read our article on Handisport here .

Their individual accident contract covers several sporting disciplines simultaneously and meets all needs according to the best guarantee/price ratio on the market. Complete packages for the day or the year taking into account the particularities relating to the world of sport, and in particular extreme sports. An exclusive on the market.

An intuitive 100% online service

We made a quote request online , directly on the site. And indeed, in just 5 steps, our estimate was generated. Here is the information and details to provide at each stage:
- Practiced sport
- General information: number of people to be insured (up to 20 per contract), duration, geographical area, start and end dates of activity
- Personal information of the policyholder(s) in the contract
- Information of the contract subscriber
- Formula and desired options
- Sending quotes by email or payment

The duly completed quote or insurance certificate is then instantly sent by email with the General Conditions and, in the case of a subscription, the assistance card. Including the number to call in the event of a disaster, it should be kept with you or given to a loved one. Behind it, a whole team of enthusiasts is available and attentive to your every need.

Approved expertise

Every sport has its share of iconic stars and athletes. Whether it is marketing or sports results, brands are keen to convey their image to the best. Sometimes, it is the athletes themselves who sing the praises of a brand.

Thus, in the world of extreme sports, and particularly motocross, many riders promote the high degree of coverage of the guarantees of the Assure Ton Sport contract. In addition, the professionalism and quality of service of the team are often highlighted.

“Some athletes recognized in their discipline have trusted us since our beginnings. Although we are well established in the world of motor sports, there is still a long way to go in water, mountain and air sports activities. The arrival of new “competition” and “professional athlete” options in our contract confirms our development perspective,” confides Rodolphe.

So, sports friends and thrill-seekers, don't wait any longer. Make sure you indulge your passion with complete peace of mind!

By Charly Colin

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